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 * Main entry point for calling all special tests.
 * Copyright 2005 Andrew Wood, distributed under the Artistic License.

#include "config.h"
#include "testi.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

 * Prototype all tests here, and list them in the spam_test() function
 * below.
int spam_test_gtube(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_scr(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_pif(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_exe(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_vbs(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_vba(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_lnk(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_com(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_bat(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_pdf(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_doc(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_xls(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_jpg(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_gif(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_attachment_png(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_consonants(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_vowels(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_from_consonants(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_from_vowels(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_badstart(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_hyphens(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_gibberish_longwords(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_html_comments_in_words(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_html_external_img(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_html_font(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_html_urls(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_image_single(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);
int spam_test_image_multiple(opts_t, msg_t, spam_t);

 * Run each test in turn, such that if a test triggers, its special token is
 * added to the token list or, if the test says to override the message's
 * spam/nonspam value, do that.
 * Returns 0 normally, nonzero if testing is to be overridden: -1 means to
 * always mark the message as non-spam, 1 means to always mark it as spam.
 * Test functions should return 0 for no action, -1 to override all other
 * tests and mark as non-spam, 1 to override all tests and mark as spam, and
 * 1+n to continue as usual but add that test's token to the token tree "n"
 * times (where "n" is 1 or more).
 * Tokens should start with "." to distinguish themselves from real tokens,
 * which can never start with ".", and should end with "." for cosmetic
 * reasons. Tokens should never contain any characters not in TOKEN_CHARS
 * (see include/spam.h), and must NEVER be longer than 32 characters.
int spam_test(opts_t opts, spam_t spam, msg_t msg)
      struct {
            char *token;
            spamtestfunc_t func;
      } test[] = {
            ".GTUBE.", spam_test_gtube}, {
            ".ATTACH-SCR.", spam_test_attachment_scr}, {
            ".ATTACH-PIF.", spam_test_attachment_pif}, {
            ".ATTACH-EXE.", spam_test_attachment_exe}, {
            ".ATTACH-VBS.", spam_test_attachment_vbs}, {
            ".ATTACH-VBA.", spam_test_attachment_vba}, {
            ".ATTACH-LNK.", spam_test_attachment_lnk}, {
            ".ATTACH-COM.", spam_test_attachment_com}, {
            ".ATTACH-BAT.", spam_test_attachment_bat}, {
            ".ATTACH-PDF.", spam_test_attachment_pdf}, {
            ".ATTACH-DOC.", spam_test_attachment_doc}, {
            ".ATTACH-XLS.", spam_test_attachment_xls}, {
            ".ATTACH-JPG.", spam_test_attachment_jpg}, {
            ".ATTACH-GIF.", spam_test_attachment_gif}, {
            ".ATTACH-PNG.", spam_test_attachment_png}, {
            ".GIBBERISH-CONSONANTS.", spam_test_gibberish_consonants},
            ".GIBBERISH-VOWELS.", spam_test_gibberish_vowels}, {
                      spam_test_gibberish_from_consonants}, {
            ".GIBBERISH-FROMVOWL.", spam_test_gibberish_from_vowels},
            ".GIBBERISH-BADSTART.", spam_test_gibberish_badstart},
            ".GIBBERISH-HYPHENS.", spam_test_gibberish_hyphens}, {
            ".GIBBERISH-LONGWORDS.", spam_test_gibberish_longwords},
                      spam_test_html_comments_in_words}, {
            ".HTML-EXTERNAL-IMG.", spam_test_html_external_img}, {
            ".HTML-FONT.", spam_test_html_font}, {
            ".HTML-IP-IN-URLS.", spam_test_html_urls}, {
            ".SINGLE-IMAGE.", spam_test_image_single}, {
            ".MULTIPLE-IMAGES.", spam_test_image_multiple}, {
            NULL, NULL}
      int i, ret, n;

      for (i = 0; test[i].func != NULL; i++) {
            ret = (test[i].func) (opts, msg, spam);

            switch (ret) {
            case -1:
                  return -1;
            case 0:
            case 1:
                  return 1;
                  for (n = 1; n < ret; n++) {
                        spam_token_add(opts, spam, test[i].token,

      return 0;

/* EOF */

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